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“I’m such a huge fan of the magnetic ball rolling stick (I attach the handle from the healing broom). I use it on Gary’s back and I’ve taught him and the kids how to use it on me when I strain a muscle in my neck or shoulder. I use it on everyone in my family, and I’ve got a huge family…they don’t always believe me, that it will work. It’s such an amazing tool…it will roll over the muscles and it feels “great” until you come across the muscle that is in need of repair, then the person feels “pain”, so I’m able to quickly remedy that area. Gary no longer goes to a chircopractor, which he had been doing for 3 years but it never ‘fixed’ the problem…I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do believe in using modern medicine to treat pain and injuries, I just think that sometimes they try to treat the pain instead of treating what’s causing the pain. My first response is to try and ‘heal’ it with old techniques that have worked for my family.

This one is actually for my dad…he just retired and he seems to be working harder than ever on his home projects (he’s always been very active). For several weeks, he had some serious pain in his upper arms…probably due to some repetitive task he was doing, and the injury was exactly the same in each arm. I didn’t realize he was in so much pain, so when I saw him rubbing his upper arms and grimmacing…I immediately brought over the healing broom. I mainly use the magnetic rolling ball on the stick (and I borrow the handle from the broom)…I used this to massage all the way from his finger tips to his shoulder and again on his back…the knot I could feel on his upper shoulders literally like a block. He couldn’t believe that I could find every knot in the muscles and tendons along the way…I would roll the stick along in upward circular motions until the knots were gone (I had to do this twice in one week, just a couple of weeks ago). He was heading off to a cruise in the Carribbean and Panama Canal this week and he was so grateful that he was pain free for the trip. My dad has always played and coached soccer since he grew up in Portugal…they have always used massage techniques to fix pulled muscles, so I grew up learning it too. However, my hands aren’t strong enough to get into the deep tissues of the upper arms and the upper leg muscles…plus it can be extremely tiring, but with the rolling ball on the healing stick, I’m able to fix any muscle strains without injuring myself. Now my dad is a believer in it’s healing properties so he asked me to purchase one for him (of course I can’t tell him how much it actually cost, so I’m giving it to him as a gift).” more

Michelle (Feb 2008)

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“…. Also, because this device is so eminently portable, people [they] can use it at home, on the road, at work, on vacation, in the park, or anywhere they wish to continue promoting their goal of health and wellness. In summary, I consider the Healing Broom to be an important partner in the essential focus of all patient care, which must be the promotion of patient independence during functional restoration, as well as when full recovery is not possible in assisting patients in helping themselves proactively in the goal of chronic pain management….” more

- Dr. Paul Giordano

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