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Based on ancient Kung Fu practice

Legend has it that Bodhidharma (known as Da Mo by Chinese), founder of the Shaolin Temple in China, taught his disciples to use a wooden board to slap all over their body as part of their daily Kung Fu regimen. The slapping helped stimulate the monks’ meridians, regulate their flow of “Chi” (energy) and improve their blood circulation. It also helped them recover better from their Kung Fu practice. Around the same time, the Chinese town folks had been using a massage slapping stick in the shape of a broom that functions to warm up blood circulation resulting in relief of aches and pains.

Used and evolved over twelve years

The Healing Broom was developed based on this traditional practice to help people achieve similar results in today’s hustle-bustle life style. A product of modern technology combined with knowledge gained from research and development, the Healing Broom and its accompanying Tooth-shaped Rolling Magnetic Acupressure Stick (or “Rolling Stick” in short) work perfectly together as a set. It was first invented in Taiwan and has evolved and benefited numerous people. For over 12 years, the Healing Broom has become a well-known exercise gadget in the households of the Pacific Rim.

Award winning product

The Healing Broom set has patents in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and the United States and has won Golden Brain Invention Award in Taiwan and Gold Medal INPEX – America’s Largest Invention Show, in Pittsburgh, PA.



The Healing Broom can benefit almost every adult in a holistic way. For example, athletes and gym enthusiasts can use it as a warm-up before the sporting event or workout, senior citizens for daily low-impact workout, martial artists to relieve sore and achy muscles, computer/office workers to ease and relieve carpel tunnel and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), busy business men and women who can’t find time to stay in shape, and holistic health conscious individuals who want to strengthen their inner body resilience. The following summary points describe the general benefits you can gain from regular usage of the Healing Broom.

  1. Improved blood circulation: helps relieve aches and pains.HPIM0072
  2. Vibration of cells back to normalcy: cleanses off impurities, help cells shift back to their correct position.
  3. Exercise: stretches and flexes muscles.
  4. Stimulation of potential energy: When the human body is stimulated, it creates a natural reaction. A potential energy of self-defense automatically switches on and stimulates to activate cells and helps repair our body’s biological tissues, which leads to improved physique and health. This is known to some as the “Knife Therapy Theory” in which every living creature has this kind of potential self-defense energy. An example, when fruits from an old tree become inferior, farmers usually cut a few places on the tree trunk, branches and roots. This stimulates the tree’s potential life energy that causes newly born fruits from the same tree to become big and beautiful. This is the concept that the Healing Broom is based on. When the aching feeling passes on to the hypothalamus in your brain, it secretes H.G.H. (Growth Hormone) to nurse and heal affected areas.
  5. Chi Practice: breathing therapy strengthens internal constitution.
  6. Holistic Healing: stimulates your body’s acupuncture points, meridians, and reflex areas to activate your body cells and avoids dependency on medication and negative side effects.
  7. Persevere and results will follow: Although results vary for each individual, make slapping entire body your daily regimen to help improve your overall wellness.

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