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“I feel that the ultimate goal of any chiropractor is “functional restoration,” or returning an injured patient to an active and productive life. Ideally, this will include elimination both the pain and the problems leading to it. The Healing Broom is an indispensable tool at achieving just these goals.

The Four Stages of Injury typically describe the reaction to any musculoskeletal injury:

  1. the acute stage,
  2. the subacute stage,
  3. the chronic stage (which, by the way, if the injury is not too severe and the treatment is appropriate, the problem area heals and the condition may never actually reach this stage), and finally
  4. the remodeling stage (whereby the body attempts to return to normal structure and function).

The body responds to the demands placed on it. This is called SAID or Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand, and if the demand is sufficient the injury heals with no residual defects or problems. If the demand is not appropriate, if the injury is too severe, or if the treatment is inadequate, there may be residual or chronic deficits.

I have found the Healing Broom to be a particularly remarkable medical device in providing specific imposed demands that will therefore give predictable results in specific adaptational recovery in the latter three stages of injury; i.e., the subacute, the chronic, and the remodeling stages. This is not only just true with our in-house treatment, but it also allows us to provide the patient with an especially effective tool that allows them to play a supremely proactive role in their own recovery. Also, because this device is so eminently portable, they can use it at home, on the road, at work, on vacation, in the park, or anywhere they wish to continue promoting their goal of health and wellness.

In summary, I consider the Healing Broom and the Healing Wand to be an important partner in the essential focus of all patient care, which must be the promotion of patient independence during functional restoration, as well as when full recovery is not possible in assisting patients in helping themselves proactively in the goal of chronic pain management.

Thank you, Healingbroom!”

Dr. Paul Giordano
Naturopathic Doctor & Chiropractor

“By using the Healing Broom, one can increase circulation of “Qi” (or energy) and blood, either to an area of concern or throughout the whole body. The stimulation caused by the broom and one’s holding of breath and tensing of the muscles affects many levels. It causes the cells to vibrate into an excited state, thus giving more energy to the internal body. It decreases lactic acid and breaks up toxic accumulations. It will also greatly increase the amount of Qi in the area being stimulated. This in turn will release stagnation in the meridians and increase the Qi flow to the internal organs. It will also stimulate the bone marrow, thus efficiently producing red blood cells.

It is my opinion that the Healing Broom should be included in one’s practice. In treatments such as arthritis, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis and poor circulation, it is a most valuable tool.”

Ronald J. Williams, M.Ac., Lic.Ac

“I’ve been a massage therapist for twenty-six years and I have seen clients with every condition imaginable over that time. I have found that the Healing Broom is a really effective tool in so many different ways, especially working with the muscle groups of the trunk, and the lower extremities.

My best example with this tool is with people who are so sensitive in their legs that I can’t even touch them. I have consistently found that the Healing Broom reduces their sensitivity, which then allows me to massage their legs manually. So what might have taken several sessions without the Healing Broom, now only takes one or two sessions with it. I would recommend the Healing Broom to anyone, even those who are just interested in maintaining good health. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to be a health care professional to get the same great results with this tool!”

Ysanne Giordano, LMT NCTMB

Ron Williams
Licensed Acupuncturist

Mrs. Giordano
Massage Therapist

Mr. Giordano
ND, Chiropractor

“I’m such a huge fan of the magnetic ball rolling stick (I attach the handle from the healing broom). I use it on Gary’s back and I’ve taught him and the kids how to use it on me when I strain a muscle in my neck or shoulder. I use it on everyone in my family, and I’ve got a huge family… It’s such an amazing tool. When it rolls over my muscles, it feels so “great” especially when it comes across the muscle that is in need of repair and in “pain”. I am so glad that I’m able to quickly remedy that area. Gary no longer goes to a chiropractor, which he had been doing for 3 years but it never ‘fixed’ the problem….


This one is actually for my dad…he just retired and he seems to be working harder than ever on his home projects (he’s always been very active). For several weeks, he had some serious pain in his upper arms…probably due to some repetitive task he was doing, and the injury was exactly the same in each arm. I didn’t realize he was in so much pain, so when I saw him rubbing his upper arms and grimmacing…I immediately brought over the healing broom. I mainly use the magnetic rolling ball on the stick (and I borrow the handle from the broom)…I used this to massage all the way from his finger tips to his shoulder and again on his back…the knot I could feel on his upper shoulders literally like a block. He couldn’t believe that I could find every knot in the muscles and tendons along the way…I would roll the stick along in upward circular motions until the knots were gone (I had to do this twice in one week, just a couple of weeks ago). He was heading off to a cruise in the Carribbean and Panama Canal this week and he was so grateful that he was pain free for the trip. My dad has always played and coached soccer since he grew up in Portugal…they have always used massage techniques to fix pulled muscles, so I grew up learning it too. However, my hands aren’t strong enough to get into the deep tissues of the upper arms and the upper leg muscles…plus it can be extremely tiring, but with the rolling ball on the healing stick, I’m able to fix any muscle strains without injuring myself. Now my dad is a believer in it’s healing properties so he asked me to purchase one for him (of course I can’t tell him how much it actually cost, so I’m giving it to him as a gift).


Sorry, I’m so long winded in my message…I just figured I’d explain my experience with the product. Thanks again and hopefully I can get more of my family to purchase the product…it’s really great!!!” – Michelle

“One thing I’ve noticed is using the broom after my daily workouts helps eliminate soreness in my muscles. The second thing is about two years ago I had back surgery, when ever I have pain or stiffness in my back I use the acupressure stick and the magnetic rolling ball, it helps to relieve the soreness and stiffness.” – Chris O. – Hudson, N.H.

“After using the healing broom for 2 months, I cannot believe the added energy I am feeling at the end of the day. I bought the healing broom and magnetic acupressure stick to try to alleviate a pinched nerve in my neck that I’ve had for a couple of years. The pinched nerve is completely gone and the added benefit of increase energy was a very pleasant surprise.” – J.M.L. – Pelham, NH

“My name is Sarah Allain , I am a first degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do. I have been using the Healing Broom for a while and have found many benefits. Among them it has become a great start to my day. By the time I finish my morning Healing Broom exercises, which takes only 15 minutes, I feel awake and rejuvenated. I find using the Broom helps increase my flexibility more quickly with less pain. Finally it helps calm muscles and joints pains that I have experience in the past from my Tae Kwan Do workouts. And, I am grateful that its benefits have become a way of life for me.” – Sarah Allain – Dracut MA.

“A friend recommended using the healing broom to alleviate pain in my shoulder. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first however anti-inflammatory medications bothered my stomach and surgery was out of the question so I was willing to give it a try. After using it everyday for the past month I have almost full range of motion back and the pain is nearly gone. I am now using it twice daily and I am feeling other improved health benefits as well. I would recommend this product to anyone who prefers natural healing methods.” – C.L. – Lowell, MA

“For me personally, the Healing Broom has worked wonders. I do a full body workout with the broom everyday. As a result, I feel rejuvenated. I have so much more energy and my muscles feel relaxed. The acupressure and broom set has given me dramatic relief on my severe headaches and sinus problems. I visit my chiropractor less often since I began using the broom. The Healing Broom has become one of my most valuable assets.” – Chris C. – Lawrence, MA